How to Embrace Solitude in a World Full of Distractions

Simplify your life by creating a better lifestyle.

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Make it a Daily Habit

Most of us that experience a moment of silence — when we can reflect on our lives — feel much better and want to do more of it. But we often forget about the experience and neglect to make it routine. It’s a lot like exercise. Many people know it’s good for you, and feel great after doing it, but never make it to the gym.

This requires intentionality. In one of the greatest books on organizational leadership, Charles Duhigg explains how we can improve our habits in The Power of Habit. He writes how habits consist of three steps that form a cycle. There is the trigger or urge to do something (the cue), the routine, and the reward.

Establish Boundaries

While boundaries sound restrictive, it can be one of the most freeing things you can do. For instance, imagine, like many people, you have a problem with ‘yes’.

Simplify Your Media Intake

We live in a world with massive amounts of information, especially compared to one hundred years ago. Many of us have experienced information overload, where too much can cause anxiety and confusion.

Whether it’s news, social media, podcasts, and other mediums, it’s important to balance what we consume. Just like food, too much can create serious problems for our health.

Too much media also prevents us from separating ourselves from distractions. In my article published on Addicted2Success, “Why Digital Detox Is Exactly What You Need”, I state the following:

Encourage Others to Do the Same

Lastly, the best way to embrace solitude is by developing a passion for it. Think of the friends and family that struggle with distraction. Maybe they are anxious when you know they could improve by simplifying their lives. Perhaps a friend finds it hard to reach their goals because they spend too much time on their phone.

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